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      New technology of pulverized coal gasification-"eat" a variety of coals, leading the new coal chemical industry

      Release time:2020-09-25

      One of the highlights of the 2015 Shanghai Science and Technology Award is the first special award for the Technology Invention Award. The "Single Nozzle Cold Wall Type Pulverized Coal Pressurized Gasification Technology Key Equipment Development and Application" project led by East China University of Science and Technology won the special prize for technological invention. To put it vividly, this project is to "eat" a variety of coals and lead a new type of coal chemical industry.    coal gasification (000968, stock bar) is one of the main ways to produce syngas, and it is the foundation of the chemical industry. The overall level of coal gasification technology in my country is lagging behind, and there are various coal gasification technologies imported from abroad. Since the end of last century, East China University of Science and Technology has closely followed the latest generation of pulverized coal gasification technology in the world. After nearly two decades of applied basic research, it has proposed a hierarchical mechanism model for entrained-bed pulverized coal gasification. Through two core key equipment-nozzle and gasification The major technological breakthrough of the furnace, the developed technology and equipment are highly adaptable to coal types, solve the problem of clean and efficient utilization of inferior coal with high ash melting point and high ash content, meet the harsh process conditions necessary for inferior coal gasification, and form independent Intellectual property single-nozzle cold-wall pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology has realized China’s gorgeous turn from tracking to surpassing in this technical field, providing key core equipment guarantees for the development of China’s modern coal chemical industry based on low-quality coal. It is of great significance to ensure China's energy security and relieve severe environmental pressure.